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Our 'Personal Development Coach Animal' this week is Gizmo. In his previous place people had big plans for him, but now Sheri is planning with him, not for him and his life is feeling very different.


Gizmo's breeding and looks got him into a high-pressure, boot camp style training situation very young. This left a deep impression that Sheri, his new person and an experienced horsewoman, is often reminded of. They had hit a plateau in their progress towards harmony and she was looking to deeply understand how life felt for Gizmo.

I connected in short bit-sized sessions, inviting him to orchestrate how long we chatted and the topics of conversation. Being able to engage on his terms was very important to him. At the end of the last session he felt calmer, with an expanded energy - more empowered, yet peaceful.

Sheri echoed this in her feedback:

Gizmo's demeanor improved almost immediately after you started communicating with him.  He became much more relaxed and approachable in the stall.  For the first time ever, I have been able to groom Gizmo without dodging his teeth.  And, I am now able to pet his face, which is a huge step.   Even running loose in the arena, he has been cantering lovely circles around me, instead of racing up and down one wall like a maniac.  The changes have been quite noticeable.


He showed his gentle and curious true nature in the first session and explained how it felt when his mind and body are hijacked, PTSD style, by reflexive survival flight patterns. Patterns he developed to cope with unmanageable pressure in his earlier days. He also shared how much he enjoys his explosive physicality with a mind movie of Sheri laughing and kicking a ball in the arena with Gizmo in hot pursuit. Play. Natural relationship building in play.

Gizmo wanted Sheri to know that there is no hurry, and that the times they 'hang out' feel so good to him. The power of companionship is immense - he shared a moment as his exhale caressed Sheri's arm - both of them peaceful, nothing to be done, all is well. Togetherness borne of no expectations or agenda. This peace is our baseline and in our busy, goal driven lives, we can lose sight of this.

As I witnessed healing for him he revealed his vibrant soul - shining so brightly that it illuminated all around him. He has wisdom and tenderness to share - and is so much more than his beautiful body. Shine bright dear boy, you are in loving hands. x

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