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This lovely fulla who wanted his person to know there was no need to apologise for what's happened in the past.


We have all done things that we wish we hadn't, and it can be tempting to ruminate on them. At some level believing that will ensure we don't make another choice we might regret. Unfortunately the opposite is true. With our thought space filled with the past, we have less 'awareness real estate' for taking in the vast intelligence of the present moment.

This beautiful boy wanted to let his person know that it's not helpful to keep apologising for the past - it keeps it alive and is a hiding place from what's possible in the present - the only place where connection and communication is possible.

As we chatted a couple of times and he progressively let me into his world, I could feel his gentle, sensitive, intimate and playful nature. He enjoyed touch on certain areas of his body, and showed where it is was too intense that gave him the sensation of a static electricity like 'zing'.


He showed an image of beginning to touch with the back of the hand, as there is less energy radiating from the back compared to the palm. Once 'landed' turn your hand over and continuing exploring touch which is a conversation all of it's own.

He also showed that 'pushing' on the air gap between them was a subtle and respectful way of inviting him to move. Such a beautiful, sensitive boy who wanted to share what feels good and helps him stay in the conversation. He also invited his person to 'walk it out' when they felt unsure - movement of the body, helped clarity of ideas and connectedness.

Wishing you moments of heart-filling togetherness with the animals you love.

x Suze 

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