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“Words can be pretty clumsy things to describe moments of wholehearted mutual connection….’Love’ covers it

Those moments of harmony are what keep us coming back mystery lameness after mystery lameness… We can spend our whole riding life ‘preparing’ to have the perfect ride and miss the moments that are right under our nose, or more precisely, under our butt.

When we are totally focused on ‘improving’ our skills and performance we are constantly in ‘fault finding mode’ rather than ‘magical moment mode’ – we look for what needs fixing rather than what deserves gratitude and celebration.

I am all for healthy striving but don’t let the ‘perfection monster’ steal your magic moments. When we acknowledge these with a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our horses, their self-confidence and willingness blossoms and we strengthen our mutually enriching connection x
Thanks Kimber Brown from for capturing this moment at the recent Carlos Tabernaberri Clinic. Fly and I were ‘soaking in’ a calm & focused ridden session

Develop a Harmony Habit

Horse/Human Harmony is a topic dear to all horse lovers hearts. Magic happen when we this is one of our ‘not negotiables’. When I was given the chance to submit an article for the Natural Horse Management Magazine it felt like a goodie. Our human-ness can make us pretty talented at getting in our own way when it comes to living in harmony with our horses. So I outlined 3 simple steps we can take.

RIP Darling Dannie

Lovely ol’ Dannie has been part of our family since 2005. He came to us as a paddock mate after a lucrative racing career. His high profile owner said asking $20 a week to look after him was exorbitant even though he has won over $375,000 in stakes – he probably spends more on coffee…

One thing was for sure – Dan was never going to leave our place. He was not a thing to be tossed away like last nights takeaway wrapper – he was Dan, a gentle and humble fulla who asked for nothing more than a scratch now and again and shady place to doze. I never saw him put his ears back in over 10 years – even when the dentist came…(he hated his teeth being done).

Last week Dan left us. I miss his kind face and gentle nicker at feeding time. He would stand quietly while my young daughter groomed him and told him he was beautiful. He would point with his nose to a spot he wanted scratched when my non-horsey husband was by the yard. It has been a privilege to watch his body age and slow, his mane thin and his balance wobble. Bye sweet boy – we all miss you x

What is a horse worth?

People often talk about what a horse is worth. Ranging from 10’s of 1,000’s to ‘dog tucker’ money… I find it a strange concept when I pause to think about it – the worth of a sensitive, sentient fellow being.

Worth has so many ways of being measured. I have seen horses destined for the hounds given another chance to go on to become beloved members of a family. Purpose bred horses overwhelmed physically and emotionally by the demands placed upon them put to sleep. Supposedly ‘nothing special’ horses transcend their humble beginnings to inspire crowds of thousands.

Do we measure a horses worth by what they can do ‘for’ us? Feats of athleticism, courage and endurance. Or do we measure their worth by what they can do ‘to’ us? Inviting us to feel things physically and emotionally that only being with a horse can.  Nurturing our compassion, self-awareness and responsibility.

If you have been around horses a while you have probably laughed at one’s horses antics, worried over one’s health and wept at one’s passing. They may not have been the fastest, strongest or most beautiful but they held a place in your heart that may have remained undiscovered otherwise.  What does that make them worth? Priceless x

An attitude of human superiority is the biggest block to connection

Sometimes people ask me how you start learning animal communication. The way I feel about it is that it’s more a process of un-learning. Un-learning to ignore those subtle inklings your get, un-learning to allow ‘logic and reason’ to rule your decision making, un-learning to constantly fill your head with thoughts about the past and future and un-learning about a hierarchy amongst all living things.
Val Heart sums up this last un-learning beautifully:
“More than any other factor, your Attitude towards Animals determines your receptivity to what they have to say, and that affects their willingness to communicate openly with you.
If you think that animals are somehow inferior to humans, then you’ll want to check that attitude at the door!
This one thing alone can transform and deepen your whole relationship, allowing and encouraging them to connect with you.”
I believe animals are communicating with us all the time – they are patiently waiting for us to un-learn to ignore them. When you give them a voice by listening with your whole body they have some much non-judgement wisdom to share – couldn’t we all do with more of that! x

Are you a good storyteller?

This morning I made a bad call to get on Fly and found myself deposited in the lupins within 30 seconds. My ego took the most damage (along with a hip that will be embossed in bruises with the seams of my jods for a while). I noticed how quickly my head wanted to make up a big story about rejection, victimisation, lack of generosity on his part and how I am entitled to good behaviour because I have shown him patience, care and kindness over the last year…but the truth is I am entitled to nothing and he didn’t buck to hurt me.

Facts are:
1. He couldn’t tolerate me on his back at that time so he bucked until I wasn’t there
2. I couldn’t stay on to resolve the reaction from his back
The ‘story’ I make up about this will drive my future actions eg. write an ad for TradeMe about an ‘athletic horse that needs an experienced rider’ or continue to learn to manage his state and my ability to read him so he can find calm within himself to ensure riding is safe and enjoyable for both of us.

It’s never about the situation, that’s only an invitation to experience our responses and reactions and choose ones that serve us rather than disempower us.
***Now over to you – what ‘stories’ have you told yourself about your time with horses? Did they empower or disempower you? x

To horses, the end never justifies the means.

The horse’s world is not so very different from our world when we put our ego’s on hold and the competitive & judgement urges that go along with them. According to Brene Brown we are ‘hard wired for connection’ and I feel it’s up to us to ‘get out of our own way’ in building relationships with our horses – we become part of the herd as soon as we step into the paddock.

A shared history

Have you ever had the feeling that you know someone even though you have only just met them?  That’s how I felt about Fly. As soon as I got close I could feel my heart energy calm, a quiet inner knowing of rightness and a gentle smile appeared (clumsy words but the best I can come up with at the moment).  It’s not dissimilar to when I met my husband…could both of them been instant love?

I met some gorgeous people when I trained as an Animal Communicator and one of those was Jilly Blythe from Opotiki.  We read each others posts on facebook and touch base when it feels right and Wednesday was one of the those times. I mentioned that I had a new teacher in the form of lovely Fly and Jilly was immediately presented with a really interesting back story to our connection.  It seems that each Communicator tends to be shown a particular type of information more often that other types – for me it is the emotional side of things – what the horse would like it’s owner to realise for the owners well-being and growth.  Well today Jilly was getting past life stuff loud and clear and this is what she said:

You are resolving karma together from the Crimean War when he died and you went on to survive but where very badly injured … bit hazy but thats what I am getting. There was a lot of fear, you were a young male and you and your horses hated being there because you were both gentle souls and had come from a rural situation where he was your farm horses, companion and love of your life…not sure why the s keeps attaching itself to horse! Maybe you had a few or went on to have more.


You hated war even more after you lost your horse blaming men, hatred, anger and authority for his death ….So you choose a life of solitude after that…


You were very respected for your connection with horses and that was a gift that came from the horse you lost because of your open heart and connection to his. He has to learn to trust again and he knows you are the one to build that trust again… he knows his death wasn’t your fault… he actually gave his life to save you, he protected you as a shield.


There was a lot of noise when he died, it was at a point when things got really hectic. There was a to of jealousy towards you too because you were young brave and courageous and so was your horse. He was very smart. You have a huge connection and trust thing happening.


You knock around together in the non physical as well so now he is going to be your mentor and will prove to you that you are all and more than you are allowing yourself to be….I think loosing your other horse put you into alignment with the energy of this new horse so you could complete this part of your journey together right now …..

 A lot of this rings true with the lessons I am learning in this life.  I am not really into past lives in a big way as I think you can get caught up in ‘forensic’ investigation of the origins of things when your energy is better spent dealing with the present with as much love and openness to learning as you can.  We also run the risk of ‘righteous victimhood’ and giving our power way to a story – in a ‘that is way I am the way I am’ kind of way. What Jilly told me certainly gives me pause for thought and an increased sensitivity to how Fly might react in certain situations.
Have you ever wondered if you have known a person or horse a little ‘too well’ instantly?