An attitude of human superiority is the biggest block to connection

Sometimes people ask me how you start learning animal communication. The way I feel about it is that it’s more a process of un-learning. Un-learning to ignore those subtle inklings your get, un-learning to allow ‘logic and reason’ to rule your decision making, un-learning to constantly fill your head with thoughts about the past and future and un-learning about a hierarchy amongst all living things.
Val Heart sums up this last un-learning beautifully:
“More than any other factor, your Attitude towards Animals determines your receptivity to what they have to say, and that affects their willingness to communicate openly with you.
If you think that animals are somehow inferior to humans, then you’ll want to check that attitude at the door!
This one thing alone can transform and deepen your whole relationship, allowing and encouraging them to connect with you.”
I believe animals are communicating with us all the time – they are patiently waiting for us to un-learn to ignore them. When you give them a voice by listening with your whole body they have some much non-judgement wisdom to share – couldn’t we all do with more of that! x