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Learn to tap into the constant stream of communication that exists between you and the animals you love

Increase self-Trust

Deepen your Connection

Receive guidance

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You are already an animal communicator...
I'll just help you do it more consciously

The language of our intuition (our inner tuition) is our ideas, inklings & impulses to take action. It’s an innate skill, so it’s not something you need to learn, but rather something you need to remember and prioritise.

This course will help you explore your intuitive 'inbox' with a focus on animal communication. Once we get curious our intuition delivers more often and more clearly. There are a range of ways to 'listen’, and you will learn your primary and most organic modes.

Our intuitive guidance is always with us - it just might be drowned out by our conscious mind analysing and running scenarios from the future or past. This course will help you make space for insights from the animals in your heart.

Vicki's thoughts

This course opened me up to animal communication

Suze's animal communication course was exactly what I was hoping for. I've read books and entertained the idea of taking courses, but was always nervous about performing and proving I could do it with other students. Suze's online course is no pressure, recognizes everyone is at a different place and everyone will have different experiences and opens the student up to all possibilities.

This course informed and expanded my awareness of the variety of ways we can communicate with animals. Suze's authenticity, experience, open heart and love for all beings shines throughout. Her speaking style is engaging, the slides visually complement and support the material and the course layout intuitively builds our knowledge base and practices each week. This course not only improved my experience of animal communication, but it also opened my heart and my awareness to the beauty of the interconnectedness of all beings.

I learned wonderful, practical animal communication techniques, but more importantly it helped expand my heart and mind allowing me live a fuller connected life with all beings. I feel changed after this course. Highly recommend!

vicki - usa

Videos, 30 minute 1:1 & an Online Learning Portal 

You can tailor your learning using the Online Learning Portal. Use the audio guidance to connect with your animal family in person or remotely. Just on a 1:1 when you need extra support. Submit or share you question live during Q&A time. 


Each recorded video begins with exploring a concept that supports expanding your awareness followed by a Q & A session. 

online learning portal

Here you will find the recordings, weekly exercise suggestions and resources such as book recommendations and supplementary recordings that will help you find and refine a state of 'Full Body Listening'.

30 minute one to one

Sometimes we get a bit stuck and just want to chat. At any point over the 6 weeks you can book a 30 minute one to one to focus on anything of your choice.

Full Body Listening

This course will help bring your awareness to a state where your animal family can connect with you about their physical, relational and emotional health. The depth and breadth of insight non-human beings have into themselves, their environment, their relationship and why you are journeying through life together makes animal communication an often delightful and surprising adventure.

Our whole body is involved in ‘listening’ and there are a range of ways we can support opening ourselves to become a clear communicator with non-human beings.

Suze Kenington

Animals have been a treasured part of my life since before I was born - mustering with mum as she carried me in her belly. I know they are for you too or you wouldn't be seeking support on how to know them more deeply. Rest assured you can deepen your connection  - every human has all the 'equipment' for inter-species communication. It just might need a little TLC. It would be my honour to walk with you on this journey.

Animal Communication and Energy Support


Create a pathway to clear communication

Suze's Animal Communication workshop helped me to create a pathway to clear communication with animals and showed me how important it is to offer them unconditional love and a trusting space to allow them to share their thoughts and wisdom.  

The beauty of this work is that once we begin to make clear communication and love a daily practice in our lives, all our relationships will benefit - with human and non-human beings."


A Brief Outline


Full Body Listening
  • Animal Communication is a focused energetic connection that enables non-verbal information to flow
  • Our body is our antennae, used to send and receive information. Our first week is focused on how to support our receptivity so we can 'tune in.'

Videos, Exercises, Audio Guides, Tips


What get's in the way
  • Over our lives we inherit a lot of beliefs that limit our abilities - we will learn about these by observing our thoughts, words and actions
  • We will practice moving beyond these limiting beliefs and expanding into more of our abilities

Videos, Exercises, Tips


The Art of Conversation
  • Questions shape responses and it helps to know how to ask to receive insights that serve your connection 
  • Using words, images, and mind-movies to make yourself clear 

Videos, Tips, Recommended Reading


  • It would be very helpful if the meaning of insights was fully explained in a spell-checked email - but alas, energetic exchange is not so 'human'
  • This week we focus on the 'charades' like nature of Full Body Listening and the meaning of what we receive

Videos, Tips


Healing Energy
  • Everything is Energy & Energy is Everything - we are projecting and receiving energy constantly and are more an oscillating bundle of energy than a bundle of matter
  • This week we glimpse into how powerful we really are as an energy conductor

Videos, Healing Scripts, Recommended Reading


What's possible
  • Since the day we were conceived we have been told what is true - what if some 'facts' were just 'opinions'?
  • Let's throw the doors of possibility wide open and see what presents itself, I know you are curious, or you wouldn't be reading this...

Videos, Summary poster

Get started now!

Consciously Connecting enriches both your lives

What Makes this Different

Your experience of animal communication will be as unique are you are.

While many courses invite you to explore what feels true for you, what I bring is a marrying of neuroscience, quantum theory and a nearly obsessive curiosity about our nervous system and its impact on our intuition.

To go beyond what gets in the way of animal communication I believe we need to manage our 'gatekeeping' conscious mind kindly and knowledgeably. All parts of us are there to keep us alive, and questioning what we believe to be true takes courage - we can't bully our conscious mind into being open.

A healthy dose of scepticism is nothing to be ashamed, or afraid, of on your animal communication journey. I still experience this and feels it keeps me 'honest' with myself and the human and non-human animals I serve.

presence to the present

Our nervous system was evolved for living in a much more natural environment than most of us find ourselves in day to day. Threats were overt rather than ambiguous. 

We need to manage our nervous system and our highly trained prefrontal cortex to create space in our inner world for listening deeply to subtle information. Our prefrontal cortex is great at planning, running scenarios and risk analysis but it's not the part of us that can listen to nuanced relationship insights that exists in a fleeting moment. We often have to practice having presence to the present moment.

the unfolding

Receiving intuitive information is a bit like walking out into the night and initially we can't see much at all. Then our eyes adjust and the world reveals itself.

If we immediately turn around believing the darkness is impenetrable then we miss the unfolding.

Sometimes insights come in a multi-sensory rush in a split second, other times they arrive in fragments that start to form a impression of what is wanting to be known. Each time we trust the unfolding we are strengthening our self-belief and our animal friends belief in the process.

 i see you & I am seen

There is an intimacy and vulnerability to opening yourself to another's world. We have to lay down our assumptions and wholeheartedly take up their invitation to find out things that we may not have believed possible.

We also step humbly into learning about how having us in their world feels to them. These insights can be invaluable to deepening the understanding in our animal relationships and in letting go of the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and who we are not.

Pricing Plan

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All content is available immediately so you can it enjoy it in the best way that suits your learning journey.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 6 Weeks


If you have genuinely engaged in the course feel it didn't deliver what you feel it should have, you can get a full refund within a week of completion. 

Please be aware that this course is experiential and has a unique rhythm for everyone. Some may find some of the exercises almost effortless, others seemingly impossible at this time.

We are continuously learning about being alive from conception to leaving our bodies. Life is not a competition or to do list - it's more a magical mystery tour of awareness, learning and unlearning.

Frequently asked questions

How long can I access the material for?

Lifetime access. The pace you move through the course and how often you rewatch is entirely up to what supports your learning.

What will we talk about in our 30 minute 1:1?

That is completely up to you to. How I reply will be guided in the moment - no stock answers or worksheets. My energy will be focused on you and what best serves your animal communication journey.

Do I have to share my 'What I Noticed Diary'?

Not at all. Opening up to subtle energies is a personal process. What you share, or not is entirely up to you

What if I am already communicating, will this be too basic for me?

Sometimes we just need to hear something in a slightly different way for the pieces to fall into place and what's in the way to dissolve. I feel I learn something from everyone I listen to in this field - whether that's a shiny new gem of an idea or a deepening of one I already feel to be true

Will you be communicating with my animals during the training?

Maybe, often animals pop in with some invaluable insights that just need to be shared there and then. I will be listening but the focus is for your to begin to believe how natural the communication process is for you and I will never over-ride what has been shared. Different people will receive different insights from the same animals for different reason. We need to trust that it's all as it needs to be.

Explore your inner world, so you can explore the inner world of the animals in your heart