FAQs about Animal Communication

What form will the insights be in?

I get a lot of insights in visual and sensation form. The visual information my be a snapshot static image or sequence of images which I refer to as a 'mind movie'. Sensations are physical or emotional. When we connect via Zoom I will describe what was shared in detail so you can picture it and feel what your animal friend wanted you to feel in being taken to this place.

Is the information really in plain English?

No. It's more like charades through visuals and sensations. I have found it's more important to observe what presents in you as you listen. Your animal wants you to allow your intuition to inform you and this can be an exercise in getting out of our own way. By this I mean we can get hijacked by self-recrimination or seeking an outcome rather than allowing a open-hearted interpretation. Our animals aren't out to shame us they want to support expanding out awareness.

Is my animal friend likely to be disappointed with me?

No. I haven't ever received a message where an animal has criticised their human companions. They express whether they feel safe or not, but not as a character assignation - that is something human's may do but non non-humans. As far as I have observed non-humans are far more accepting of all expressions of life than non-humans.

Do non-human beings have an ego?

Not in the sense we often understand ego to be. They express proud awareness of their magnificence, but not in a comparative way. Humility is a beautiful place from which to appreciate an non-humans point of view - from this place there is no ego-inflation or ego-deflation. When we engage in our animal-human relationships with grace and kindness, for both of us, we open the door for enriching connection for both of us.

How does it work? Can we all do it?

As we expand our awareness life reveals more of it self. Energies have different density - denser energies are visible to our eyes, less dense energies are perceived by with other senses. We all have a full set of senses and the degree to which we develop these senses is unique. We are all born with perceiving low density energies but through cultural conditioning we are often discouraged from developing our more subtle senses. We often have to bring them 'back on line' through practice. This involves letting of the beliefs we have inherited.

If you have ever walked into a room where people have been in highly emotional states and felt a vibe then you are sensing unseen energies. You may have thought about a friend and then they ring 'out of the blue' that day - this is unseen energetic communication. We are all doing it, all the time. We just always conscious of it or the messages get lost in the 'noise' of our repetitive thought loops and self-doubt.

How does animal communication work remotely?

Everything is energy and distance doesn't affect the strength of connection - focus does. When I work remotely I am embracing that we are all connected energetically. By focusing on one being I am prioritising  the information that is sent and received between us. It is more important that I am not distracted rather than physically close. That is why I work remotely - I am better able to control distractions.

Why do you ask for a photo?

This helps me focus. I believe all beings have a 'unique energetic signature'. The photo helps me find their signature.

How can you talk to animals that have left their bodies?

Their 'unique energetic signature' remains. Some call it soul. To be honest I don't have a tidy explanation, I just know that when I reach out I get information back that their human friends find comforting, insightful and bring about a deep change in perspective at a time that is often painful. As a species we so often ask 'why'. Animal communication can help find some answers.

What is the message behind your logo?

I am immeasurably grateful to be moving through life with non-human beings, especially horses and dogs. I see us as equals. We are brothers and sisters in this journey, touching each others lived experiences -  so the images all interconnect and are moving in the same direction. The circle echo's that we are nurtured by this glorious planet and each other. The bird is the New Zealand 'Kahu' Harrier Hawk and we have often have one circling above our paddocks. This reminds me to keep perspective - perspective decides the meaning of our lives.

What would your animal friend like to share?

As an 'interpreter' between you & the animal in your heart, it's a treasure hunt to discover what they share that enriches both your lives

Have a Heart to Heart with your Animal Friend

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