Kind Words

A kind words or two can go a long away - thank you for those who took the time to comment, it's always a delight to hear how a session has had a positive impact on your relationship with the animal in your heart x


The insights and information from my horse were very helpful to understand him better. I always love that there is mostly some new information that has nothing to do with my questions. This is always a wonderful surprise and I´d love to hear more of these things from my horse. 100 % believable.

Have you noticed any changes in our horses behaviour?
He seems to be very soft and after the communications I feel that we get one step closer to each other each time. I have the feeling he always knows when I spoke to you. He has this special look in the eyes and almost asks something like: did you get it 🙂 ?

Have you noticed any changes in your behaviour or attitude?
I see him in a different light now, I have more respect for him and his behaviour. It helped me to get out of this box of good and bad / right and wrong. In the last conversation: the trauma trance: that it is not bad or that we need to worry about it, we can just observe it and let him express whatever he expresses without any evaluation.

Anna, Germany

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I like best that it is a personal conversation after the session and not a written note. It gives the opportunity to ask questions in between. I have the feeling of being very close to the conversation, almost like I´m there with you. And I like your voice a lot and the fact that there is no video when we speak. I have my headphones on and I´m very concentrated on your calming voice and the information that flows. This way I somehow can also feel the information, not only hear it (hard to explain).

Would you recommend?
Yes, definitely! I always recommend you for animal communications because it is so pure and clear and that is why I guess I never had doubts about what you said. With other communicators, there were some doubts here and there if it was really true or if it was also a bit of their point of view mixed in or even some of my own perspectives or wishes about our relationship being echoed back. That is what is so special about you I guess.  Clear and pure.
Oh and I also want to add something that another lady who came to see him for checking his health (she is an alternative animal health practitioner -> not sure how to translate this). Besides her bio-resonance therapy that she does for him, she also is doing animal communication (not primarily but she receives messages) and works with shamanic methods. Rafiq told her that he likes you very much, Suze and that he enjoyed the session with you! This might be the best feedback for you of all I wrote above 🙂

What would you tell a friend?
That I got wonderful insights from my horse on different topics and that it helped me so much to understand him better. It brings more peace into my life to know these things now. It is such a wonderful way to give the animal the chance to say whatever they want to say and what we might not hear or understand in every day life situations. After the session I´m always more motivated to tune more into my animal friend when we are together and to have these conversations directly with him as well, to be more receptive on what he has to say.

Rudi & Frid

I loved your compassion and kindness. I loved that you recorded the session so that I can listen to the message from the animal friend as often as I like. You gave me hope and more confidence. I felt connected, seen, and not alone.

I can tell anyone who wants to know: Suspend your disbelief and go for this experience with Suze. You will be surprised and feel enriched. Your relationship with yourself and life and nature will improve.

Friderike, Aachen, Germany

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I was surprised about everything that you shared from your talk with Rocky and yet it rang true.

My head always has doubts about things like this because I was raised in a household and moved in circles where these things are laughed at and made fun of,  but deep inside of me there is a knowing that what you share is true. Plus I trust you.

I had no hesitation. When I connected with you a year ago, I had Ren Hurst's recommendation. I loved the help you gave me then, so when I felt a need for deeper connection with a dog, I knew you were the right person.

Have you noticed any changes in your behaviour or attitude?
Yes, I have. I haven't been able to use the new info for my prospective animal person yet (except that I sent an email to the shelter immediately after our session), but I feel more determined to learn animal communication and I feel more hopeful about it. I love the opportunity of having more sessions. I feel encouraged to listen to the voice inside of me that says, "Overcome your fear and go for love and connection."

And I will definitely ask for help from you, dear Suze, again, both for general growth and for learning to connect more deeply with animal people. I certainly recommend this kind of work when one has any issues.

Lynx & Rach

The animals in our life know more than we can imagine ... kinda makes you questions, well, everything. Thanks Rach for your beautiful feedback and explaining how the communication has changed your relationship, and to Lynx for shaking up what we believe to be possible.

"Now that I’ve stopped being so human about things and I’m worrying less about training milestones etc, we’re really in sync, and he’s back to being his expressive playful self. When I need reminding to think less and feel more, I play the recording of our session back.

I’m super grateful for Suze and her gift, and unreservedly recommend her to everyone!"


Rach, Huntly, NZ

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I wasn’t sure if Lynx would be up for being communicated with, he’s very different to my previous horses and I was having trouble figuring him out. I wanted to get some help bridging the gap as I had no idea what he was thinking, and I wanted to make sure he was ok with the early training things I was asking him to do. I talked to many people, including very well-respected trainers, and their opinion was that he was an introverted, somewhat shut down baby horse who was very unsure in his surroundings, and not very trusting of me or what I was asking him to do, which was why we weren’t communicating all that well. That didn’t sit very well with me as our relationship has been very close since his first breath, but I knew there was something standing in our way- so I enlisted Suze’s help.

To my surprise he came through and took total charge of the session. He refused to answer my (in hindsight, quite pathetic questions) but instead took us on a bit of a vision quest to show us just how wrong my perspective had been.

Lynx is a very special blessing- there was a lot of trauma, betrayal, and heartache before he arrived in my life, including having to euthanise his full sister due to a broken leg. And he knew it all. There were specific details that he was spot on with that I have no idea how he could know- let alone Suze. Lynx was in utero at this time, and I leased his mother so she could foal at my place. He foaled on the same date as his sister did the year previously, and is her mirror image: they could be twins. So he’s very, very precious: named Lynx as he’s the light bringer, he is luminescence, which incidentally, is exactly how he came through for Suze, a gossamer, iridescent horse, shining brightly.

His core message was that it was always meant to be him, it was always meant to be us as a team, and that the issue we were having was me: I needed to get out of our way. I knew he was here to teach me and take my horsewomanship to another level, but I didn’t realise just how much.

In the month since our session, I have stopped trying to ‘teach’ him. Instead, I have spent time talking with him, hanging out, and just seeing what we can do. I’ve been seeing what we can teach each other. We’ve had some amazing results including him mirroring the shifting of my weight at liberty, him self-loading onto the horse float, him walking onto the cattle scales first try, and some beautiful soft weaving around barrels yielding his shoulders and hindquarters in response to my body language. We’ve also been sleeping in the paddock and playing chase. He’s always at the gate or fence if he sees me, wanting to know what I’m doing and wanting to be involved. I think he’d come inside and watch TV if I opened the door!


I enjoyed being able to talk to Suze and clarify things. I felt Suze really connected with me and my horse and willingly shared her insight with kindness.

Would you recommend Suze to a friend?

Yes, Suze is wonderfully kind and compassionate, she really helped me open the door to communicate with my mare on a deeper level. It was amazing, Suze really connected and was able to give clarification and insight into Flames character and some of the problems that we had.

Was what was shared believable?
Very truthful  and accurate.

Denise, Taupo, NZ

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Did you find the communication helpful, enjoyable or surprising?
Really enjoyed Suze sharing about the sacred name, it was wonderful to have that perspective. I also enjoyed how she channeled my mares personality and had very clear visual images on how my mare perceived me.

Have you noticed any changes in your horse's behaviour?
Yes, she is much more grounded and settled as a reflection of me. Now I am aware of Flames heart energy, I am allowing her energy to flow through me and our relationship is growing.

Have you noticed any changes in your behaviour or attitude?
Yes, I am more aware of my energy and am using Flame' s tell for me to expand my vision. I have also started playing with the Spanish walk, which my mare thinks is very fun.


I really liked that Suze connects with the energy and not just specific questions around training or physical issues. But you are really feeling the energy. And I was truly blown away by the fact that Dragonfly told you that he recognized me recognizing him. That brought tears to my eyes.

I found it very believable. Why wouldn't I believe it? Intuitively it felt right and genuine.

I really loved you took the time to do a Zoom (in person) share instead of writing an email or just something over the phone - that meant a lot.

Jayne, Norfolk, Massachusetts USA

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Did you have any hesitations working with me?
I did not at all I've had communications done before and I had full faith that this one would be terrific.

Have you noticed any changes in your animal's behaviour?
I have not seen him since our meeting and you are communication I will in the next couple of days though, looking forward.

Are their any changes in your behaviour or attitude?
Yes it was confirming an eye opening. Especially around how sensitive he is and doing less or being light is what he responds to under saddle. And it was just affirming knowing that we have started a relationship and that he acknowledges that.

Would you recommend this to a friend? Why or why not? 
Yes certainly, and I would also like to do a communication on my cat with you. I certainly would recommend you and will recommend you to my friends. Thank you so much.

What would you say to a friend?
To be open, and not have expectations and you will get a lot more out of it.


Oh my gosh, what an amazing experience. The things Russ shared with you felt so right. A lot was information Nancy and I sensed at varying levels, but your descriptions, visuals and statements added color, clarity and detail to the vague sense we have. I was surprised how much Russ had to say and how open and giving he is of his experiences and perceptions. What a gift of understanding you've given us both!

If you've got a burning question about your animal friend, or simply want a deeper understanding of their perspective and of your relationship, don't hesitate to contact Suze. Suze's warm heart, gentle nature, and decades of communication experience creates a bridge where humans and our animal friends can meet and learn from one another.

Vicki Heck, Bellevue, WA USA

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Was what was shared believable?
I found the information to be 100% believable. Everything resonated deeply.

Any hesitations working with me?
My only hesitation was finding the right person. Kathy's referral gave me a lot of confidence. I trust her and her energy work and her trust in you was very meaningful.

Any changes in your animals behaviour?
I will keep you posted on this. Nancy sees him much more than me. I remember the rather astounding changes in him after Kathy's first energy session with him, so I will not be surprised to see some further changes in his behavior after knowing his voice has been heard. Also aware my own knowledge will change my behavior, which will undoubtedly affect our interactions more positively.

Any changes in your behaviour or attitude?
I will keep you posted on this. You've given me a lot of food for thought. Everything Russ shared about me listening, playing, being in the moment and knowing is exactly what I'm striving for. I've been on this journey for two years and I just want to be there already! But I understand it's an unraveling and remembering from many decades of being asleep, so it will take time. You, Nancy and Russ are helping shepherd me along. 🙂

What was your favourite specific feature?
Too hard to choose! Suze, you have such a warm, assured, experienced confidence about you and are exquisite at conveying the information you learn from the animal nation. I love how your receiving skills include a variety of images, statements and knowing. It helps create such a rich understanding. I was so grateful for the generosity of your time. I think you meant the session to go 45 minutes, but you took so much longer with us to share everything fully. You never felt rushed. You invited questions and interpretations throughout. It was such an incredibly satisfying experience.

Would you Recommend? Why or why not?
Definitely would recommend. Suze is the real deal. I will be in touch about my dog soon and I'm hoping Nancy schedules a session with Smoke, her horse!


Finn also showed me a vision of a rolling hills with bush in a gully and said he wanted to play there. When I described this to Jo she knew exactly where I was talking about and this is what she said after their next ride:

"Just had the best ride in ages. Went down to the trees and whizzed about like kids over logs. Renewed horse. Came back up the hill fast and schooled on the runway for a smidge. Finn has got 6 yrs younger. :-)"

Jo, Rotorua, NZ

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I had the privilege of chatting with Finn. He was such a gentle soul who was grateful to be asked to share his feelings and preferences. Finn's hadn't always been cared for with the love he enjoys now - as part of his session I requested a energy healing for him as a foal in the womb. Not all foals are welcomed and celebrated and I intuitively felt this was right for Finn. During this healing I saw something I had never seen before - he had a white tag attached to his pastern with the word EXIT on it.

I had no idea what this meant and when I told his lovely owner Jo she gasped and asked how I knew. 'Knew what' I asked. It turned out Finn was never meant to be born - his mother was a show horse and pregnancy was not on the show schedule and they tried to abort Finn. He showed me he knew he was marked for EXIT. I was as gobsmacked as Jo.

Feedback from Jo ...

I Love all of this stuff. I love knowing how my horses are on a really deep level. They are so funny and wise and understanding. Its amazing really but now I know if I'm worrying about Finn it's cos he is usually worrying about me. Bless him. Silly pair. I love the connection.

I never doubted what Suze said for a moment. She knows stuff that just makes sense and puts it so well and it is so clearly from each person.  My horses are such different people and that comes across in all the communications she has done. I have had so many lightbulb moments and it makes me a better person too...thats the amazeballs thing about it! Try it.. believe it.. and you will get so many questions answered.

I've never doubted Suze. She has a wisdom, humour and knowing thats just fab. I love knowing what my guys are thinking and feeling, wish I could have it daily..but I am a bit nosey like that! It's great to have a deeper insight to things you just can't put your finger on yourself.

My horses have always expressed their thoughts. I've always valued their opinions and loved their own personalities.. I've never wanted machines... now I can do it at a more accurate level with Suzes help. The healing has been super helpful. I'd have sold my kids pony I expect very reluctanty but without Suze her behaviour made no sense.  One I couldn't get. Then she was back. I adore her so very happy she stayed!

Have you noticed any behaviour or attitude changes?
I'm calmer with my horses.. not that I was angry...just rushing sometimes as we do...I'm more aware of my approach now and being stiller..taking a breath. I'm more in tune I think..more thoughtful..something I'd forgotten since having kids and there always being someone else to listen to. When I first got Finn I always left myself at the was always all about him and his needs..thats harder when everything is about other peoples needs..I had Mols back then  was my bestie and could take real me.. Finn has had to fill that spot and he isn't up to it in the same way. Suze has helped me get back to that peace I had before when it was just me and my horses.

What is your favourite specific feature?
I love knowing. I love how much Suze loves. I love knowing the horses have a voice in a world where too many don't. I love the peace it gives me knowing I have an answer. All of it!!

Would you recommend this service to a friend?
Yup! Totally. Youre fab. I love what you do. I was missing my crew moving here and I found it again. So nice having such a funny wise person on your team. Get Suze to speak to your horse/dog..whoever!! It is soooooo valuable. Its fab. It answers all the ummmmms and she makes the world a better place.

The conversation with and through Suze has created another shift in the internal awareness I'm cultivating and I'm grateful for that, to both Suze and Jasmine. There is a wisdom out there that seems to be itching to reach humanity, and it appears the long suffering horse is just one being destined to try and deliver. I can't help but feel I need to apologise to them all, but in their wisdom I think they would say, there's nothing to apologise for; this is just how it is.

Christine, UK

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An enforced physical separation from my horse, Jasmine, who has lived supervised but semi feral in another country for the past two Covid riddled years, led me to Suze Kenington.

I have known my mare all her life, 17 years, and have a good sense of her fears and idiosyncrasies. I have interacted with many horses during several years as a groom, and after as a rider of loaned ponies as well as my own. I appreciated Jasmine's sensitivity compared to many other horses, along with her obedience and willingness to give things a try, but also felt she was spatially unaware (clumsy), and occasionally irrational, even for a horse, and fairly aloof. She always liked to learn tricks in exchange for treats though! I didn't really know how this remote communication would work, but I like to think I'm open minded, so mainly to find out if she wanted to stay where she was, or come back to where I am, I hoped it would work.

During the last four or so years I have not only been working on improving communication with my own animals, but on my own understanding of the universe and my place in it. I have realised I am not the thoughts in my head, and that there is a depth to me that is often obscure to myself, let alone to other people and non-human beings. People often read the outer me, not the inner me. Along with this depth comes a connectivity with all Life that very occasionally reveals itself to me, before the mind reasserts itself and the veil of human conditioning returns.

It was therefore a surprise, and yet not a surprise, to realise that Suze was not talking to the physical horse I knew, that operated from her self protective instincts, but to the energetic being inside that had taken horse form. Which probably sounds mad if you haven't gone down that pathway of interpreting the world. Of course one is not separate from the other, but like I can now see that much of what I do, how I feel, how I react etc. is down to my human-ness, and there's not much I can do about that, because I'm human, I know there is also an awareness beyond that which sees it and accepts it, but isn't it.

Suze had received the strong impression that Jasmine was marveling at being a horse and enjoying herd life uninterrupted by human demands, so she could fully immerse herself in the horse experience.  This to me requires a strong undercurrent of self-awareness that she was also more than that. But she, like me, can only operate and show up in the world within the mental and physical limitations of the forms that we both inhabit.

I would recommend Suze to others because of her frankness,  her authenticity and realness and sincerity.  Her presentations in a direct, open, honest way to be a spokesperson for the animal(s) is very wonderful and it is a  beautiful thing she is  doing.

I found a few surprises about things I just did not expect, but with regards to things landing squarely especially with her essence,  her personality and place in the herd,  it was totally nailed.   She is very strong and sure in herself and it totally resonated.

I would say go for it,  trust and believe.  Animals are but a reflection of the energy field we are creating and can tell you things that you are looking past.  Trust the process,  trust yourself,  trust your animals.

Equine Assisted Learning Leader, Herriman, USA

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I was surprised to see a perspective from my lead mare and to find out she actually did participate in healing with my clients where I did not think she did at all,  she just did it on a different level and in a different way then I was aware of.  Her responses have changed the way I view her and have changed the dynamic between us.  Our interactions are much different now and in fact have changed to reflect the level of respect I have for her as an intelligent being with feelings, perspectives and ideas.  It is not that I was not aware of those things but the level of awareness at which I operate with her is different.

My only hesitation in communicating  with my horse thru Suze was in wondering what kind of questions to ask.  There were some that were obviously already there for me but when it came down to actually communicating on that level with my horses it actually made me stop and consider them on a different level and re evaluate myself and the kind of things I wanted to know from them.  Other than that I felt very comfortable with Suzie and her abilities as they had already been

I have noticed Judy  is not so guarded with me because I have become more in my feminine than I used to be and she interacts a bit differently with me.    She has accepted me on a higher level now, definitely

Have you noticed changes in your behaviour or attitude?
Yes, I have noticed that my respect for her opinion of me  has been impactful and in fact I have uncovered some major things about myself energetically as a result which has shifted my way of being.  She let me know I was not respecting myself fully with regards  to how I approach life and I could not see it but now I see clearly where that took place and why and I now have boundaries that have and are shifting to allow me to to command my space. I just liked the feedback.


I found what was said was like a confirmation of what I was feeling.  I really enjoyed getting to know Raven's personality.  Very believable.

I have taken it on board and I am now looking for ways to unlock my depth/potential.  This is what kept coming up for me in my everyday life and with Rave and the reading from Suze/Raven confirmed that this is my way forward.

What was your favourite specific feature? The humour, honesty and lightness that Suze brought to the session.

Erin, Ipswich, QLD Australia

Suze has done readings for 3 of my horses. Each one has offered something different but Suze picked up on their personalities so well. The explanations she gave of what they were feeling made sense to me for each horse.

Suze is able to interpret the images that the horse gives her into something that makes sense to us humans. It was good to know things that may have happened to them in the past and that helped me have a better understanding of when they are struggling with something. I can now be more patient to help them through it and I also feel more connected to them.

When my mare was very ill, Suze pinpointed the region of pain before the vets diagnosed what was wrong and it gave me comfort knowing that she knew she was very much loved before she passed. I definitely would recommend Suze to anyone who is having an issue with their horse, or anyone who is simply curious about what their horse is thinking or feeling. It will give you a new perspective into their world!

Tania, Auckland, NZ

I took Harley out for his first ride since you had a chat to him.  We also put the bitless bridle you sent through over top his normal one.
I have to say......he felt like a different horse!!! There was no flicking around in his rope while we were saddling up, he was great with bridle going on (we did take it apart so that it went over his ears and then I put the bit in).

Thank you so much for having a chat with him so that I was able to better understand what he needed!!

Kirstyn, Auckland, NZ


“The best thing about Suze’s coaching is that she is such a caring and empathic person. A coaching session is like chatting with your best friend and I immediately felt able to share anything that came up. Suze has many tools for getting to the heart of the matter and I always feel positive and uplifted after a coaching session.
“I would absolutely recommend Suze’s coaching because I can feel the benefits and changes in myself.”

“Many of the issues I have discussed go beyond career coaching but because Suze takes a holistic approach to mentoring and coaching she has understood my road blocks and helped me to clear these out of the way so that I’m truly free to set out on the path to achieving my goals.

Ingrid Kuindersma, Whangarei, NZ

Thanks again for all your help Suze. You really have helped to catapult me out of my grief and stuckness and have shown me a way to move forward. I am forever grateful. You are a godsend!

Lynda, Karaka, NZ

What mindset changes have you noticed?
I am more aware of how I am treating the most simple of situations now instead of just blowing through them with the same old excuses.

Would you recommend her coaching?
Absolutely. In a heart beat. In the first initial session I felt more aware, more calm and more understood. In a very down to earth, open session I was given tools to start practicing to get more in touch with my own personal challenges.

Sundre, USA

What was the favourite specific feature of your coaching with Suze?
Obviously the fact that she could talk to my horses… and tell me what they were thinking but also the fact she put my fears in perspective (And more logical)… and just made me think about things I hadn’t ever thought about.

Did you have any hesitations working with Suze?
Absolutely none – I’ve always found Suze has a calming influence on me and she naturally makes you trust her as she so “soft” (Hard to think of another word but that’s how you feel in her presence).

Absolutely – definitely – Wouldn’t hesitate at all – I noted big changes – Suze has a gift and she should be able to share it…

How has this affected your life beyond riding?
Even my husband’s noticed that I’m not so stressed or ‘Panicked’ without actually putting my finger on why.

Auckland, NZ

I had the honour of working with a lovely lady during a riding clinic with a very high profile instructor. This was a clinic that she had been looking forward to with great anticipation and unfortunately her nerves had got the better of her on the first day. One the second day we weren’t going to let that happen…

“After my first lesson my focus and energy was scattered and fragmented. I had time to critique my video overnight (that Suze had kindly taken) and thought I had not been in my zone /power. With Suze’s coaching the morning of my second lesson, she helped me settle my emotions, re-focus on what was important and what I wanted to get out of my second lesson and how to achieve that. I felt more grounded and capable after Suze’s mentoring.

Fiona, Kumeu, NZ

Below are some comments from a presentation of Mastering the Mindgame of Riding:

  • Sooo interesting. You held my attention until finished
  • You were great. Very clear and thought provoking
  • Extremely interesting & pertinent. Fabulous conversation to explain topics. Such a relevant topic yet not a lot of information our there about it
  • You remind me of Steve Gurney – passion, love, so much energy. Keep it up!

Becoming who you were always meant to become

As I came in from putting hay out to three muddy horses warming themselves in the morning sun after a frosty start to the day I received an unexpected and delightful call. A call that moved me to tears (in a good way). The beautiful lady on the other end of the phone was someone I have had the privilege of getting to know as she and I worked on unlocking her potential through mindset coaching.

Making this call was both brave and humble as she was sharing something she was rightly proud of and she was saying thanks for supporting her. The night before she moved up two grades in her martial arts and they made special mention of her ‘spirit’. What has this got to do with riding you might ask? Everything!

The ‘spirit’ the examiners couldn’t help but be drawn to as it beamed up from a crowded exam room floor is the same ‘spirit’ that has led her to be able to describe a ride earlier this year as ‘a little bit of magic, effortless, flow, oneness; breathing in a state of calmness and radiating it; expectation of complete connection’.

She said she doubted she could even have considered starting this new sport without the time we spent together. It would have been a loss to herself, her family, her friends and her horse if she hadn’t discovered her ‘spirit’ and I have been so honoured to see her spark become a flame and now an inferno.