Heart to Heart

(Ask Anything & Everything + Energy Support)

Where can a communication session bring insight?

Isn't it nurturing to be deeply listened to. That's why I invite you to ask anything and everything that you would like insight into. I always ask your animal friend if there is anything else they would like to share and sometimes they have very clear ideas on what they would like to be aware of, even if we may not have ever imagined that would be important to them.

Some people have specific questions in mind around their animal's physical, emotional, social and mental well-being , other have a nagging sense that their animal friend is trying to tell them something important. Some people will ‘check in’ with them via an Animal Communicator whenever they feel ‘stuck’. 

I will offer energy support, if appropriate - they revel in it and love to feel heard, seen and supported. As you will experience in your own life, our state is fluid and ever changing – this is the same for our animal friends. 

Steps to Connection

Step 1: Selection

 Connection options are:

  • One Animal Friend
  • Two Animal Friends
  • Re-Connection for someone who has previously had a communication

Payment is via PayPal with your debit or credit card. There is no need to sign up, just click the grey 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' button.

NZ residents can pay by bank transfer.

Step 2: Questions

This Question Form is only a prompt and you are free to ask any, and as many questions as you like. 

Your animal friend may not answer them all and sometimes they want to focus on something else.

I always ask if there is anything else they want to share.

I can't force them to answer anything as this is a consensual process built on love.

Step 3: Communication

I connect with your animal friend and take detailed notes of the responses to your questions, along with an open invitation for them to share anything else they would like you to know. 

Some animals like to energetically ‘check me out’ before they choose to share, so communications can take place within a couple of days, or even a couple of weeks after you have submitted your questions.

Step 4: Sharing

I will email you to arrange a chat via Zoom. This usually lasts 30 - 45 minutes and will have 7 days to download the recording so you can re-listen as often as you wish.

I like to chat rather than email as it gives an opportunity to explain what was shared with more nuance and detail than a written account. I can also re-connect and clarify anything if you want more information.

Lynx & Rach

I’m super grateful for Suze and her gift, and unreservedly recommend her to everyone! When I need reminding to think less and feel more, I play the recording of our session back.

Please choose your Connection

Animals feel 'seen' during communication session and as a result your relationship can change dramatically. They often ask to pass on 'thank you' for the chance to be heard, felt and deeply understood. That's love.

Heart to Heart with

One Animal Friend

$97 NZD

(approx $67 USD, €57, £47)

Heart to Heart with

Two Animal Friends

$167 NZD

(approx $110 USD, €97, £80

(for returning clients)

$77 NZD

($50 USD, €45, £37

No Communication,

No Charge Guarantee

Some animal have lots to share and others find it hard to tolerate people in their intimate space for long. It’s up to the individual and they certainly let me know when they have had enough. Horses are particularly discerning about who they let into their inner world. If your animal friend decides that they don’t want to connect then there will be a full refund.

Animals are generally very hopeful – even a shut down horse or neglected dog will hold a space of hope that humans will treat them with kindness and respect. Animals are usually very grateful to have been asked to share their opinions and preferences.

If this feels right for you and your animal friend, then please take the first step to connecting in this way. If not, you are welcome to ask any questions via email or messenger. Maybe you would like to check out the FAQs or Reviews. Suze x