Learn How - 1:1 Mentoring

Inter-species Communication is available to everyone

'Listening' and 'talking' with non-verbal species is something humans have been doing for thousands of years - in our modern day 'civilised' lives we sometimes forget that. I would love to help you remember how.

Sometimes you just click with someone and know that they are part of your learning journey. If you have an inkling that that someone could be me then please send me a message and we can have a chat and find out. 

I heard a great analogy of a lock and key. Different keys work for different locks and (brace yourself a cheesy pun) you need to find out if I am the key to unlock your communication skills.

Each Zoom session will be tailored to your specific desires and challenges.

Example content from an in-person course

Awakening to Natural Connectedness:
Introduction to Animal Communication & Energy Healing

Helping you remember how

Ever felt like an animal in your life is trying to get a message through to you but you just can't decipher it? Maybe they are trying to tell you where it hurts or why they are sick. Maybe they are afraid of something and you just can't understand why. Maybe they have something to share about you. Frustrating for both of you

We are picking up information subconsciously from the world around us all the time, but often put it down to inklings, hunches or don't even consider the source of it. When humans lived more integrated with nature, it was an everyday thing to telepathically communicate with other species. As we became more 'civilised' we forgot how to do it. The animals in our lives have lots of self-awareness, wisdom about our world and insights about us that they want to share. If you feel curious now's your chance to consciously connect even more deeply.

Come along and learn a simple technique to help you remember how go into a 'receptive' state so you can 'listen' and 'talk' back. Thinking 'I can't do that, I'm not telepathic'? If you've got a body, an ability to feel love and a sprinkling of humility then you have all you need to 'connect'. Come play - you never know what you might find out...

This Workshop helps you:

>Have a felt sense that all life is connected - whether we consciously realise it or not...
>Enhance your 'connectability' - the communication is flowing constantly we just need to 'tune in'
>Validate that you've been receiving messages from your animal friends all along
>Develop consciously 'tuning in' in your most natural way of 'listening' i.e. thought forms, body sensations, impulses to act, visual information, etc & move toward 'full body listening' utilising and trusting the many ways we receive insight and wisdom
>Learn about how the 'pitfall of love' can make 'listening' from a place of neutrality challenging
>Realise & move past what gets in the way of you connecting and communicating with your animal friends
>Support your animal friends with respectful, gentle, and effective energy support in what can be a pretty chaotic human world

Bring with you:

>An open-heart, an open-mind, and a curiosity firmly rooted in love and compassion for your beloved animal friends
>Self-compassion - frustration that you are 'not doing it right' blocks our 'listening' as we are too busy flooding our awareness with self-doubt to hear much of anything else!
>Photos of the animal friends who's point of view is especially important to you

"Suze's Animal Communication workshop helped me to create a pathway to clear communication with animals and showed me how important it is to offer them unconditional love and a trusting space to allow them to share their thoughts and wisdom.  The beauty of this work is that once we begin to make clear communication and love a daily practice in our lives, all our relationships will benefit - with human and non-human beings."
Laura, Russia