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Animal Communication

Background image is magnificent Mav - you can find his communication here. Thx Ella x

Ask anything & Everything!

I’ll ask your animal friend your questions and invite them to share their thoughts and feelings for NZ$97 (approx USD$67). This usually results in detailed answers via imagery, words, sensations and emotions which we discuss via Zoom. People often say 'I thought that was the case, but didn't trust myself' so a communication session can really help you believe those inklings. 

All sessions include energy healing in all sessions - inviting them to release what doesn't serve and replenish and strengthen what does. Don’t worry – in the unusual case that the animal doesn’t choose to engage, your money will be fully refunded (hasn't happened yet).

No Connection,

No Charge

If, your animal friend decides I am not the right person to listen then you will receive a full refund.

All communications are done remotely with a photo, so I can chat with an animal anywhere in the world.

Passing on Wisdom & Insights + Supporting the Wellbeing of your Animal Friends

I have had the privilege of connecting with a variety of animals and have a particular affinity with horses and dogs. They have so much to share with us – beautiful, insightful things that enrich their lives and ours, on a variety of topics including sources of physical and psychological pain, preferences on how they are treated or what they would like you to know about themselves or yourself. What they share can really help us in coming into a deeper and more trusting relationship with them, with ourselves and with life itself.

Wee Bayley and I have a moment - sweet girl has finished her time on earth x
Suze & Bayley

Wee Bayley and I sharing a cuddle. She is no longer with us so this photo is a treasured reminder of our time together. Suze x

What would your animal friend like to share?

As an 'interpreter' between you & the animal in your heart, it's a treasure hunt to discover what they share that enriches both your lives

Have a Heart to Heart with your Animal Friend

(Ask anything & everything)


(and be inspired by what our animals share)

All insights are shared via a Recorded Zoom Session

What animals share is precious & nuanced. I believe it is most accurately shared spoken not written. You can ask for clarification & re-listen as often as you wish. I can share the subtleties using facial expressions, hand gestures & tone of voice.  

Passing on a message from an animal is a privilege and a responsibility. I need to ensure I communicate faithfully what they want you to know.


Suze, you have such a warm, assured, experienced confidence about you and are exquisite at conveying the information you learn from the animal nation. I love how your receiving skills include a variety of images, statements and knowing. It helps create such a rich understanding.

I was so grateful for the generosity of your time. I think you meant the session to go 45 minutes, but you took so much longer with us to share everything fully. You never felt rushed. You invited questions and interpretations throughout. It was such an incredibly satisfying experience.

Vicki Heck, Bellevue, WA USA

I loved your compassion and kindness. I loved that you recorded the session so that I can listen to the message from the animal friend as often as I like. You gave me hope and more confidence. I felt connected, seen, and not alone.

I can tell anyone who wants to know: Suspend your disbelief and go for this experience with Suze. You will be surprised and feel enriched. Your relationship with yourself and life and nature will improve. 

Friderike, Aachen, Germany

Animal Communication can bring Clarity & Peace

Day to Day Life

Modern life can be a busy whirl and sometimes our animal friends are trying to tell us something through their actions & illnesses. Getting their point of view can be life changing for both of you...

~ Health - helping get to the cause & support their wellbeing
~ Behavioural - helping answer 'why do you do that?'
~ Connection - what would you like me to know to make our lives together even better?
~ Lost - an animal communicator can help you reunite

~ Love in Action - you deeply value their perspective & preferences and realise our human-ness can get in the way of understanding their world

End of Life & After Life

Our animal friends usually don't have as many years to play and learn as we do. When they go we can be left with a number of questions...

~Saying Goodbye - are they trying to tell you something before they go? Wondering if it's time to say goodbye?

~ Why did you leave?

~ What could I have done differently?

~ Forgive me for not being there when you passed

~Is there anything you want me to know?

~Are you at peace now?

~Are you sad/angry that I had you put to sleep?

Testimonials - What you can expect


I love knowing. I love how much Suze loves. I love knowing the horses have a voice in a world where too many don't. I love the peace it gives me knowing I have an answer.

I never doubted what Suze said for a moment. She knows stuff that just makes sense and puts it so well and it is so clearly...   

Jo, Rotorua, New Zealand

I really liked that Suze connects with the energy and not just specific questions around training or physical issues. But you are really feeling the energy. And I was truly blown away by the fact that Dragonfly told you that he recognized me recognizing him. That brought tears to my eyes.

I found it very believable. Why wouldn't I believe it? Intuitively it felt right and genuine. really loved you took the time to do a Zoom (in person) share instead of writing an email or just something over the phone - that meant a lot.


Jayne, Norfolk, Massachusetts USA

I found what was said was like a confirmation of what I was feeling.  I really enjoyed getting to know Raven's personality.  Very believable. I have taken it on board and I am now looking for ways to unlock my depth/potential.  This is what kept coming up for me in my everyday life and with Rave and the reading from Suze/Raven confirmed that this is my way forward.

What was your favourite specific feature? The humour, honesty and lightness that Suze brought to the session.


Erin, Ipswich, QLD Australia

Suze has done readings for 3 of my horses. Each one has offered something different but Suze picked up on their personalities so well. The explanations she gave of what they were feeling made sense to me for each horse.

When my mare was very ill, Suze pinpointed the region of pain before the vets diagnosed what was wrong and it gave me comfort knowing that she knew she was very much loved before she passed.

I definitely would recommend Suze to anyone who is having an issue with their horse, or anyone who is simply curious about what their horse is thinking or feeling. It will give you a new perspective into their world!

Tania, Auckland
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What would your animal friend like to share?

As an 'interpreter' between you & the animal in your heart, it's a treasure hunt to discover what they share that enriches both your lives

Have a Heart to Heart with your Animal Friend

(Ask anything & everything)


(and be inspired by what our animals share)