“Words can be pretty clumsy things to describe moments of wholehearted mutual connection….’Love’ covers it

Those moments of harmony are what keep us coming back mystery lameness after mystery lameness… We can spend our whole riding life ‘preparing’ to have the perfect ride and miss the moments that are right under our nose, or more precisely, under our butt.

When we are totally focused on ‘improving’ our skills and performance we are constantly in ‘fault finding mode’ rather than ‘magical moment mode’ – we look for what needs fixing rather than what deserves gratitude and celebration.

I am all for healthy striving but don’t let the ‘perfection monster’ steal your magic moments. When we acknowledge these with a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our horses, their self-confidence and willingness blossoms and we strengthen our mutually enriching connection x
Thanks Kimber Brown from www.pipiart.co.nz for capturing this moment at the recent Carlos Tabernaberri Clinic. Fly and I were ‘soaking in’ a calm & focused ridden session