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Gorgeous Chika's people reached out because she 'didn't seem her usual self'. They'd had a bodyworker and dentist in to support her and hoped a communication session would guide what to do next.

We chatted a couple of times and her demeanor changed after being surrounded in unconditional love and having some healing witnessed. She didn't muck around, drawing attention to her poll area. I felt the urge to move my jaw to release the pressure - often animals use my body to 'demonstrate' what they are feeling. There are so many layers and structures meeting at the poll that affect the whole body.

After witnessing healing in this area, she warmly placed her forehead the length of my torso in thanks. But there was more to share - it's seldom one thing alone that causes a change in behaviour.

A compartmentalised approach, for example focusing on physical alone, isn't optimal. We often want a tidy explanation of the cause, be it an incident or incremental change over time, but since everything is energy and everything affects everything, we are best to widely cast our net of insight to solve imbalance. Interactions and environment can have a big influence on well being. 

A questions I always ask is 'what do you want them to know'. This open invitation gets some diverse and fascinating insights. Just like our bodies, our animal's bodies want to work optimally. I believe no one heals another - our bodies heal themselves - sometimes with, sometimes without, the support of others. We can help create the conditions for their bodies to work their magic when we know what gets in the way of re-balancing.

In Chika's case, she had other areas in her body she wanted to put on her families radar. She also wanted them to know how different it felt to ride at home verses away from home. She enjoyed the relaxed riding at home - she said that felt 'light and fun', but she became aware that her young rider felt watched when she was out, and that concern for what others thought changed their relationship.

We are both social creatures, so changes in company and environment affect us. It can be more challenging to let go of other's perception of us, especially when we are young. Humans are full of opinions and our desire for significance can drive us toward less than compassionate behaviour.

Remembering that our animals didn't ask to be taken somewhere, we made that choice, can help us center our animal's experience. We invited them into the human world and because we love them, it's our responsibility to make their experiences in our world, as easily digestible as possible.

Chika's one of the lucky ones - her people love her and she will always have a home with them. She doesn't have to earn their care - it's given freely.
Wishing you a beautiful week loving the animals that are lucky enough to be cared for by you.

x Suze 

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