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This week, beautiful Polly shares about skin sensitivity and how her body changed after having a foal. Her person was concerned about girthyness and, not surprisingly, wondered about ulcers, injury and pain of some sort.

When we first connected I felt I was chatting with an alert, confident, matter of fact, expressive mare who was a delicious mix of being a bit staunch yet deeply loving - not that you would always know she loved deeply, as she wasn't demonstrative or overtly affectionate. Her person confirmed this described her well.

She got straight into answering the central question even before I consciously asked - she must have read the email! The image she shared was of her linea alba (midline of her stomach) being wider at some points than others. I witnessed healing in this area and the image was similar to shoe laces being drawn up, knitting the two sides together more securely. She had had a foal in the last 3 years and wanted to share that this was had affected her strength and sensitivity.

I was then shown an image of her girth and the feeling that it was cold and clammy on her warm skin. Polly wasn't keen on covers either, as they ruffed up her hair and she was aware of them pressing in places. She felt pressure, temperature and texture acutely. Lucky for Polly, her person was already considering replacing her girth with a wool lined one. I asked her about ulcers and got an immediate 'no'.

Skin is the biggest organ of both our bodies, and horse hairs are raised and lowered to regulate body temperature and 'listen' to subtle changes in their environment. Such exquisite sensitivity serves survival.

Wishing you a beautiful week with the ones you love, whatever the species.

x Suze 

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‘Girth is cold and clammy’ says Polly

‘Girth is cold and clammy’ says Polly
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