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This dear dog wanted his people to know what had makes their time together so special. Not surprisingly what he shared were moments his person treasured too.

This week I got to speak with a very lucky little dog who has been loved by a family for over 14 years. A lifetime of love. They were showing a few signs of pain and anxiety and the family wanted to know if something was amiss. I was immediately and repeatedly taken to an areas of the body that they were concerned with yet this was only part of the message.

This series of mind movies and images were what we might think of as ordinary moments...

~making a nest in the washing pile

~lying flat out like a frog

~interesting smells in the kitchen

~running on the beach

~stealing socks and trotting off in triumph

~eating something they know they shouldn't but they let him because he loved it

~doing tricks that made them laugh and clap

~kisses on the forehead with a loving hand cradling his chin ...

These moments of love were not ordinary in the least, they are family life for him. They are expressions of love and trust - of feeling safe and playful.

May your weekend be filled with ordinary moment that make an extra-ordinary shared life of love with your animals.

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