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I have had some gorgeous communications lately and continue to marvel at the power of attunement to make the world feel safer. Lala's neighbours were concerned that she was barking at things their dogs weren't in the least bit reactive to, so they asked for help. Both for their benefit, and for hers.

Lala was trained to be vigiant and reactive in her previous life as a security dog. Now she is a well loved family member, but the habits are proving hard to shake. When I connected with her she appeared small, surrounded by black, and a feeling of aloneness and fear washed over me. The next mind movie was of her whipping around as little sights and sounds caught her attention. In my mind's eye she began to approach on her belly and as she drew near she rolled onto her back - afraid and submissive. 

Part of being an animal communicator is to embody love in the face of a range of feelings and environments. Kinda like a human radiator of love. Our energies extend well beyond our physical bodies both in face to face and remote communication - like a personal energetic bow-wave and vapour trail. Lala was asking if she was safe, and my energy and stillness invited her to explore how she would feel if she trusted she was. She was brave and in a short time the image she presented of herself grew and her posture took on a new confidence. 

I knew trust had been established because she then offered an explanation of why she engaged in the world the way she did. Beautiful, sensitive Lala flashed up an image of an angry face yelling at her at close quarters. 

She wanted me to pass onto the kind neighbour who was concerned about her, that she was so tired from being on high alert and that the 'real' her was playful, inquisitive and loved affectionate touch. Surrounding her in healing energy elicted an image of a coat of armour lifting off her - she doesn't need that any more. She felt lighter in spirit and relaxed. 

I never know how changes in a communication session will translate to the everyday world - 'can't attach to the outcome' as they say, just show up and do the best you can. That is why it is so delicious to get feedback...

Hi Suze
Thanks so much for communicating with Lala it's been amazing, she's stopped the frenzy barking, seems only to be barking at normal dog things which is so awesome I can't believe it  nor can Pete it's brilliant.
She must be feeling so much better and happier. 
Thanks so much x

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