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Did I do the right thing?

Deciding to assist one of our beloved animals transition from their body seldom sits lightly. Even when we 'feel' it's right, later on our busy minds can start to question. Were they ready? Did I do the right thing? Was there something else I could have done to heal them? Have I failed them?

Shadow's loving person was was wondering if she had done the right thing, so booked a session. Shadow was so happy to share and had a few insights that we can all learn from.

'You didn't decide on your own'

Shadow wanted to be clear that he was part of the decision. Whether you call yourself an animal communicator or not, information is flowing between you and the world around you, especially with the animals you love. He invited his person to expanded their awareness so they could 'feel' him - their body knows his unique energetic resonance - a vibrational fingerprint if you will. He also shared how to achieve this expansion in a way that was uniquely accessible to them. From this state, the wonderings could quiet revealing pure love.

I got to feel the 'glow' of love between them. The energy around my heart felt warm and expansive, with this spreading through my whole body, topped off with a wide smile. He then shared the following invitation...


Along the river, where the water dances,
You will find me

Under the spreading trees,
I am there

Shimmerings on the dragon fly's wings,
Remind you of our time

We live, we live, we live.


My heart goes out to you, if you are in this situation or remembering a dear one that has passed. Wrapping you in so much love.

I am profoundly grateful to the animals, alive and passed, that expanded my capacity to love. Even with the pain of good byes.


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