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Burning Question – “Why are you anxious riding in company?”

Regina and Micah have enjoyed lots of adventures together but things have changed… “What makes you become so anxious and unsettled when riding with a group of horses? (2-6 other horses) In the past you were more insecure about riding alone. I’m trying to give you the support you need but there are times when I feel unsafe when riding you. You are very loved.” Micah touching answer will leave you in no doubt that the love is mutual.

Burning Question – “Why do you bite me and other horses sometimes?”

Anna’s been with Pepee for a while and she was wondering why he would sometimes bite and nibble her and be aggressive to to other horses. Was he in physical or emotional pain? His answer once again shows how valuable our horses feedback is and how we need to think about their individual personalities to provide the most nurturing conditions for them.

Burning Question – “Why do you head butt the kids?”

Jo has had Angel for a couple of years and recently noticed a change in behaviour.  She was wondering if it was just the spring grass or something more.  Angel shared that is was more – a slip in the paddock led to discomfort that was getting in the way or her being the quiet learners pony she was…

Burning Question – “Am I the wrong home?”

When Joanna bought Dom he was everything she wanted, but 3 months down the track she asked a very brave question – “Am I the wrong home?”

Joanna asks “In the first two weeks he seemed to enjoy hacking but he has now started to be really scared out hacking. He seems happier in a dressage arena….. Does he want to go back to a dressage type home…am I asking for too much and making him unhappy? Is he just tired to his soul? Can I form a relationship with him where he really wants to dance with me?”