“Your touch say so much – how, where, why, when you choose to touch & choose not to touch all have meaning to me.”

Today I was really thinking about our ‘feel’ sense. As humans we reply heavily on verbal communication but in horse world this is emphasised. I even read some wild horses are afraid of horses neighing when they come into a domestic situation because noise gets the attention of predators. But touch communicates volumes in both the human and horse world.

Do you know how and where your horse likes most/least to be touched? Do you use touch to soothe and reward or demand and punish? How gentle can your touch become and still get a reaction? Do you withdraw touch to set a boundary and if so do your thoughts also withdraw from harmony to conflict?

Sometimes the most harmonious thing we can do is stand close without touching with the intention of exchanging loving energy with our horses – this wont touch their body but it will certainly touch their heart.
Please share if this touched you x