‘My fulfillment is your peace & joy. Stop & stand quietly with me – just being together is peaceful & warm.’

This is gorgeous George. He is a lucky boy because Karla’s first two questions were ‘Is he happy?’ and ‘Does he like his job?’. George, like most horses, was very aware of himself and his preferences and liked being asked to share them. George is also, like most horses, very aware of Karla’s emotional, mental and physical state moment to moment – as a prey animal he is hard wired to be – it can mean the difference between life and becoming lunch.

As humans we are often very focused on WHAT we DO – the mechanics of action. The horse’s world is more focused on HOW they FEEL. What upset George the most was when he didn’t now how to please Karla. He was always seeking relationship harmony.

When he shared his wishes it was not for more carrots and feed – it was for more smiles, laughter, play and fun for fun’s sake. His ambitions lay in connection not ribbons yet he said ‘I like to feel my powerful body’ so he was happy to be ridden. He delighted in Karla’s happiness.

Please leave a comment below how reading this made you feel. I would love to know if this touched, surprised, made you feel uncomfortable, etc. When I started communicating with horses I felt guilty/ashamed that I had been so insensitive to their way of experiencing the world. Human arrogance has blinded me to their depth.

Thanks Karla & George for the opportunity to learn more about life from the heart of horses.