‘Live in the energy of play. I miss you laughing.’


Meet SJ. She has been lucky enough to spend her whole 20 year life with the lovely Lindsey. They have shared many adventures – Lindsey was the first human SJ met when she was born and she has done all her schooling with her.

Lindsey said “We used to be insanely close, and now there’s a distance that makes me sad. I miss having that super close connection with her.”

My heart soars when the first question people want me to ask ‘Is she/he happy?’. This is usually followed by questions about their physical health and how they feel about their human friend.

Often people imagine their horse has all sorts of judgments and criticisms but rest assured, this is a not part of the horses world -this is a uniquely human thing. Horses either feel safe and comfortable around you and want to be close. Or they don’t and they move away. It’s not about you per se – it’s about how they feel around you. As a prey animal they are hard-wired to constantly sense our energetic state (our ever changing, unique combination of emotional, physical and mental disposition).

SJ shared a potent reminder for Lindsey – to live in the energy of play. You see life had got increasingly serious for Lindsey – growing up will do that to you! Education, work, relationships…the stuff of being adult can take us a long way from the energy of play, which our horses enjoy so much.

SJ shared her view on life – ‘I love living – it’s fun – life is beautiful – there is so much to discover and enjoy.’ She lived in a state of ‘gentle rapture’. Something I know I could do well to emulate when I feel being an adult has got heavy going…

Thanks SJ & Lindsey for the opportunity to share from the horses heart x