“Your joy is magnetic – it draws me to you”


Have you ever wondered what your horse might write in an ‘ideal human partner’ description (picture online dating for horses looking for humans…)? What would they be really drawn to ie. states of being ? Words like calm, playful, accepting, grateful to be alive, kind, present and joyful come to my mind.
This is quite a list so how could we summarise this? How about ‘love’? We usually talk about being ‘in love’ – but I reckon love is a doing word, so we could drop the ‘in’ and make it ‘being love’. We may say we love our horses but when emotions run high we may not act lovingly towards them. Does that mean we don’t love them anymore? I feel ‘being love’ is a good value to hold ourselves accountable to.
The old adage ‘words are cheap’ is very true with our horses – our actions speak far louder. Sometimes kids can get horses to easily and generously do things that adults can’t…I always find that fascinating and it shows how our intentions and expectations shape what we experience far more than most people realise. Why? Humans love being right because it makes them feel safe. Therefore, if we have strong expectations we shape the outcome to make sure we are right – this can be in positive and negative ways.
This phenomenon is called creating ‘self-fulfilling prophecies’. We would rather be right about something unpleasant than surrender to the unknown beautiful potential possibility of the present moment. We humans can be really funny like that!