“Lead yourself confidently, consistently & kindly. Then I am inspired to follow.”

Our horses can be very skilled at picking up whether we ‘deeply believe’ our leadership or whether we are just ‘acting’ like a leader. Their positive feedback comes in the form of attentiveness, willingness and respecting our boundaries. They tell us we are not believable through non-compliance, pushiness, bites and other boundary violations. Their desire to challenge our leadership varies depending on many things including personality, history, physical state etc.
Leadership can be a loaded word – for some it conquers up force/aggression/dominance – very much one sided with little regard for the one being led. Have you ever noticed if you ‘lead’ yourself in this way (‘bully’ might be a better word). When we don’t lead ourselves confidently, consistently & kindly the feedback we give ourselves can be much more subtle than that of our horses – anxiety, sadness, anger, frustration, nagging doubt…
Observe your thoughts, actions & emotions to see your inner-leadership. When you lead yourself well, your horse will be inspired to follow you and then the magic really begins!