Natural Connectedness Workshop Registration

Thanks very much for your interest in the Workshop. Please find below a short form so I have your contact details and a bit about your expectations and what led you to here. I am really looking forward to our day together and your animal friends say 'thanks for caring about my point of view' x

This Workshop helps you:

Have a felt sense that all life is connected - whether we consciously realise it or not...

Enhance your 'connectability' - the communication is flowing constantly we just need to 'tuned in'

Validate that you've been receiving messages from your animal friends all along

Develop consciously 'tuning in' in your most natural way of 'listening' i.e. thought forms, body sensations, impulses to act, visual information, etc & move toward 'full body listening' utilising and trusting the many ways we receive insight and wisdom

Learn about how the 'pitfall of love' makes 'listening' from a place of neutrality challenging

Realise & move past what gets in the way of you connecting and communicating with your animal friends

Support your animal friends with respectful, gentle, and effective energy support in what can be a pretty chaotic human world

Bring with you:

An open-heart, an open-mind, and a curiosity firmly rooted in love and compassion for your beloved animal friends

Self-compassion - frustration that you are 'not doing it right' blocks our 'listening' as we are too busy flooding our awareness with self-doubt to hear much of anything else!

Photos of the animal friends who's point of view is especially important to you

Suze's Animal Communication workshop helped me to create a pathway to clear communication with animals and showed me how important it is to offer them unconditional love and a trusting space to allow them to share their thoughts and wisdom.  The beauty of this work is that once we begin to make clear communication and love a daily practice in our lives, all our relationships will benefit - with human and non-human beings.
Laura, Russia

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    What are your expectations of the workshop?
    (If there is a particular challenge you would like some support in addressing or something you would really like to come away with an insight into please detail these here)
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