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Watch the Mastering the Mindgame of Riding Video below.

If you are pressed for time (these days who isn’t…) then here is a quick tour of when and where you will find certain information if you fancy skipping around.  I don’t really recommend it as some things will be out of context without listening to the background first.

  • 6:40 (ie. 6 minutes 40 seconds in) is when you will be invited to use your Workbook for the first time
  • 9:44 An insight into ‘The Horse’s World’ – a fascinating place and quite different to our world – check out the bit about non-verbal communication – obvious I know, but the implications are huge!
  • 20:40 Revealing exercise you can do with a friend around how you feel being approached by a predator
  • 23:50 A look into the something more familiar – ‘The Human’s World’.  I put this in the context of horse riding – believe you me, you are not being silly or wimpy when you feel scared sometimes
  • 36:10 Just a quick insight into how mad the Human World must seem to horses…
  • 42:09 Explanation of the 8 Tools for Mastering the Mindgame of Riding – hard to choose a favourite but I can’t live without 2 and 7 applies far beyond riding
  • 47:40 Confession time – I admit what pop’s my bubble – you’ll see what I mean…

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Please post any questions or comments on (it’s always great to share ideas and view points) and tell your friends (or even people you just vaguely know) to sign up at to access this free Mindset Coaching too – their horses will thank you for it…

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Enjoy putting your favourite techniques into practice to enhance your confidence & connection.

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