In a nutsell…

Size of the Group: 1!

Length of the Session: 45 minutes + 15 minutes ‘check-in’ (plus Discovery Exercises that are done outside the session)

Delivered: Face to Face / phone / skype

Cost: $65 per session when booked as a set of 4 sessions

Mastering confidence skills once and for all is a fantastic investment in you future riding fun!

One on one coaching is a great way to focus in on exactly what is getting in your way.

I usually work by phone, skype or a virtual meeting room like,  so location is not an issue – there will always be a timezone overlap wherever you are in the world. Alternatively we can work face to face if you live within a 20 kms radius of Muriwai or are in the area.

Each session typically lasts 45 minutes with a complimentary 15 minute ‘Check in’ call should something come up after the session that you want to discuss immediately.

Speaking of complimentary 15  minute calls – if you would like to talk to me before committing to coaching (it’s really important that we ‘click’ and your feel comfortable to be supported by me) then click here to find a time that works.

The investment in your confidence and connection is a block of 4 coaching sessions is $65 each session (45 minutes + 15 minute post call ‘check-in’).
*If would like to see an video of a ‘Large Group Workshop’ format click here. You also get to download a ‘Mastering the Mind of Riding’ Workbook.

If one to one coaching doesn’t feel right then click here for a list of upcoming Group Workshops.

Choosing the best learning situation – face to face or via the phone

If you feel you would be losing something not working face to face I would just invite you to consider your personality type and preferred learning environment.  I have found more introverted personality types prefer the safety and comfort of working at home via the phone, whereas more extroverted personalities often enjoy a group atmosphere.

I have clients that I have never met face to face and probably never will, but the work we do together has given them the freedom to pursue their riding goals with an open heart and calm mind. A lovely rider from Sundre, USA was struggling to get back in the saddle.  She said her favourite feature of our time together was:

“That we could do it without the camera on so that I could be in my space without feeling closed.”

When asked if she would recommend my work she said:

“Absolutely.  In a heart beat.  In the first initial session I felt more aware, more calm and more understood.  In a very down to earth, open session I was given tools to start practicing to get more in touch with my own personal challenges.”

If this feels like something you, or your riding group, would like to pursue then please get in touch.