Welcome to our 4th and final week!



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Discovery Exercise

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    My horse is my: (please tick as many as apply)
    ChildServantPossessionPartnerFriendResponsibilityCollaboratorTherapistSaviorConfidanteBurden Other - please state:

    I would sell/give away my horse if: (please tick as many as apply)
    They frightened meMade me look incompetentI didn't like themThey got injured/too old and couldn't be riddenit was not longer able to win/be competitiveunder no circumstance Other - please state:

    What does your horse value about you?

    I feel annoyed with my horse when they:

    I feel loving towards my horse when they:

    I teach my horse:

    My horse teaches me:

    My horse meets my need for:

    I meet my horse's need for:

    Over time the bond between me and my horse has:

    Regarding setting boundaries around my horses behaviour, I find it: (tick as many as apply)
    comes to me naturallyhard to be consistenthard to stay calmscarydifficult to get rightworrying - they might not like mecruel -who am I to tell a horse what not to do Other - please state:

    When my horse does something I don't like, I take it personally

    The particular horses in my life, past and present, have been there for a reason ie. to help show me something I needed to learn

    My horse is whole & perfect

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