Thanks very much for taking the time to share your thoughts – I really appreciate it!

    Before we started...

    What hesitations did you have about joining the course? Casting your mind back a month ago, what was the main challenge you were hoping to get help with during the course? Have you taken any mindset courses before? What was your experience? How would you describe your thoughts, feeling and actions with horses BEFORE the course? If you could share how you would typically handle a common scenario that would be great.

    Now we are done...

    Overall, are you satisfied with the course? How would you describe your thoughts, feeling and actions with horses NOW? Maybe you could say how you handle the common scenario from your comments above differently now. What have you used from what you learnt in the course? What do you consider the most valuable thing you learnt? From the other things you learnt, what is also really valuable? What was your favourite part of the course? What was your least favourite part of the course? What did you struggle most with during the course? What were you surprised about? How did you find the pace of the course? Was it too fast, too slow, or just right? Do you think it would have worked better as 6 weeks instead of 4 for example? How connected to, & supported by, me & the group did you feel? How did you find the communication methods for the course? Online webinars - Animated slides & Voiceover Online webinars - Visualisations Secret facebook group Emailing Website - Discovery Exercises Website - Webinar recordings Website - Written Webinar Summaries Website - Resources including links to videos & printable pages Phone call - Open invite to call at any time

    Into the future...

    If we were going to do this again – what would you change? What do you think would have been awesome – but wasn’t there? In terms of meeting the course objective of 'Confidence, Enjoyment & Freedom with Horses' where do you feel you are now? What is left to do? Would you recommend this course to a friend? If yes, what would you say to them? What type of people do you think would find this course useful? Now you have been through it, what would you consider a fair price for this course when it goes fully live? What did you take into consideration in selecting this price range? I may use some of your feedback for testimonials to show future course attendees what they can expect. Having a name, city and image adds credibility so I don't look like I have made them up myself... Here is Ingrid's for example about coaching: RidersMind-testimonial Please select what personal details you would prefer to show: Fullname, cityFirst name, cityCity onlyNone, completely anonymous pleaseI don't want my thoughts shared in any form Your Full Name (required)
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    If you are happy for a small photo of you and your horse, or just your horse, to appear with your testimonial could you please upload it below - don't worry if it's a big image - I can crop it. Thank you so much for being a piloteer and sharing your thoughts today.
    ps. may your true-self light the way to mutual trust for the joy of both of you x