• Do you want more confidence, enjoyment and freedom in your riding?
  • Have you had enough of negative mind chatter sucking the fun out of your precious horse time?
  • Do you find yourself procrastinating about going out to your horse?
  • Does a bad moment in the saddle balloon into a bad ride and then a bad day?

If you got any ‘yesses’ then you are not alone and riding doesn’t have to be this way.

RidersMind.com is hosting an online course to:

  1. Build awareness around the mental habits that don’t serve you. Our lives are a bundle of habits and the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and others have a huge impact on our well-being.
  2. Equip you with a toolkit to transform your mindset from saboteur to supporter. This ensures you maximise your fun and your ability to learn from your instructors.
  3. Enhance your resilience for the inevitable bumps in the road. When you define success on your terms you can be successful everyday.
  4. Help you will become clear on how we unconsciously get in our own way to developing our dream relationship with our beloved horses and how to consciously develop a strong connection in which both you and your horse will flourish.

The course is delivered as:

  • 4 one hour webinars. These are delivered each Wednesday at 8pm (recordings will be available if you can’t attend live) starting on the 9th and ending on the 30th of March.  Each webinar will have Q&A time
  • Pre-Webinar Discovery Exercises to help make the most of our time together
  • A closed facebook group for Q&A and supporting each other
  • An open invitation to contact me anytime – I can either jump on the phone or post the answer on the facebook group if it’s something that is coming up for more than one person

The cost is $147 and is strictly limited to 10 lovely ladies who want to explore the mindset for the good of their riding. This ensures lots of opportunity for discussion, personal support and accountability.

I would love to support you and your horse so if this course feels right for you then click ‘Buy Now’ below.

If you would like to jump on skype for a obligation free chat then click here to contact me. No hard sell, I promise – that makes me cringe as much as it makes your cringe…