Confidence & Connection Coaching to take you from…

Are you tired of self-doubt sabotaging your riding?
Are the voices in your head sucking the fun out of your precious horse time? Enough already!!

I help horse lovers gain the freedom to really enjoy and connect with their beloved horses,
by transforming their sabotaging self-doubts into confidence.

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Riders Mind Suze KeningtonHi there, I’m Suze Kenington and I have been there…knees shaking for no logical reason; mucking up a competition because my head was racing with ‘what if’s’; procrastinating catching my horse even though I had little space in my day for ‘precious horsey time’…no more!

I didn’t know how to drive my ‘brain’ so habitual negative thought patterns got in the way of my learning & magic moments of connection & I don’t want this for you & your horse.

I would love to help you explore your inner world for the good of your connection with horses. You and your horse are seeking the same thing – a relationship that brings out the best in both of you.
Cheers, Suze x
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