You are already an Animal Communicator ... I just help you do it more Consciously

'Listening' and 'talking' with non-verbal species is something humans have been doing for thousands of years - in our modern day 'civilised' lives we sometimes forget that. I would love to help do it more consciously. I don't have a gift, I made a choice to expand my awareness and practiced.

Whole Being Listening

Subtle information, letting go of what I thought to be true to make space for new knowings and ignoring the chatter of our cynical rational-mind telling us we are making it all up (ps. mine still does), are a few of the areas we will cover. I would love to hear what you would like to focus on ...

    "Suze's Animal Communication workshop helped me to create a pathway to clear communication with animals and showed me how important it is to offer them unconditional love and a trusting space to allow them to share their thoughts and wisdom.  The beauty of this work is that once we begin to make clear communication and love a daily practice in our lives, all our relationships will benefit - with human and non-human beings."
    Laura, Russia