Dooie's Words of Wisdom

A few years ago my beautiful mare Dooie passed away after a freak paddock accident - to say I was sad was a gross understatement. I was a mess. I was prepared for the sadness but not for the loneliness. I have a lovely family and great friends but there is a special place that only animals can fill in my heart. My guess is you have that place in your heart too.

I would like to share with you what Dooie shared with me about being a true animal friend. At the time I thought it was advice for people with horse friends but now I see it applies to all of us with that special place in our hearts for animals...

Words of Wisdom for our Actions

Breathe into me so I can fill my lungs with trust. Your deep breath makes me feel safe

Ask & invite, don’t demand & force

Your touch speaks volumes – how you touch, when you touch, where you touch & with what intention you touch

Remove the restrictive gear that I am running away from & I won’t need to run away anymore

How you use your body affects how I use my body

There is far more room for tender & kind than there is for fierce

Pause to ask what you can do for me, not always what I can do for you – I will tell you

Learn the lessons I offer you with good grace or I will present them in such a way as you can’t ignore them

Never deny me my soul essentials – freedom, friends, food & love

Always look at me through the eyes of your heart not your ego

Greet me with respectful delight & I will do likewise

Say thank you a lot                                   

Talk to me – tell me where we are going & what you would like me to do – I understand far more than you realise – show me pictures in your mind of what I can expect or I get worried

Words of Wisdom for our Thoughts & Intentions

Connect with me, not control me

Our relationship can only flourish when you offer me my freedom

Be present - all that matters at the moment is right in front of you - when you are not present I feel abandoned & fearful

Being with me is a privilege – always treat it as such

Respect my dignity & I will nurture yours

Respect my opinion about people, places and equipment – I sense more about the environment than you do

Disregarding or dishonouring me kills my soul – keep watching my eye – that is the window to my soul

Push yourself to be a better caretaker – learn all you can but always ask me & your heart if it is right for us

Never betray my trust – I don’t give it easily & I seldom give it twice

Love me for who I am not for what I can do for you

You are accountable for about 80% of what I do – hold yourself to account & use that to grow not to shame yourself

I am here to heal you & like nothing more than to see you joyful – this is far greater reward for me than ribbons

Thank you for being with me as I left this earth, you are part of my family