Curious about where you and your horse stand at the moment?  Cool, lets go then!

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    Please rate your confidence in the following situations: Buying a suitable horse for yourself: ConfidentVariesNot Confident Deciding on the best way to keep your horse ie. feeding, grazing, stabling, covering, hoof care ConfidentVariesNot Confident Selecting a support team - coach, hoof care professional, vet etc ConfidentVariesNot Confident Off horse handling - catching, leading, grooming, groundwork, bodywork, diagnosing illness, nursing ConfidentVariesNot Confident On horse - riding in training ConfidentVariesNot Confident On horse - riding in competition ConfidentVariesNot Confident

    My horse believes I am confident
    All the timeSometimesNeverNever thought about it


    When I ride I experience: (tick as many as apply)
    A sense of self-masteryA connection with NatureFeeling powerfulSocial connectionExcitementFeeling in ControlLoving connection with my horse Other - please state:

    Over time the bond between me and my horse has:
    Grown closerRemained the sameGrown more distantI never thought about it

    Regarding setting boundaries around my horses behaviour, I find it: (tick as many as apply)
    Comes to me naturallyHard to be consistentHard to stay calmScaryDifficult to get rightWorrying - they might not like me if I doCruel -who am I to tell a horse what not to do Other - please state:

    When my horse does something I don't like, I take it personally
    All the timeSometimesNever

    In our day to day life we share these moments of harmony: (tick as many as apply)
    My horse wants to be caughtMy horse is secure in my presence without separation anxityGrooming is a pleasant time for both of usI seldom have to tighten the lead ropeGirthing up happens calmly with no signs of discomfortMy horse loads without a fussWhilst riding we can increase the pace easilyWhilst riding we can decrease the pace easily

    What's your single biggest confidence & connection challenge at the moment?

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