Are you a good storyteller?

This morning I made a bad call to get on Fly and found myself deposited in the lupins within 30 seconds. My ego took the most damage (along with a hip that will be embossed in bruises with the seams of my jods for a while). I noticed how quickly my head wanted to make up a big story about rejection, victimisation, lack of generosity on his part and how I am entitled to good behaviour because I have shown him patience, care and kindness over the last year…but the truth is I am entitled to nothing and he didn’t buck to hurt me.

Facts are:
1. He couldn’t tolerate me on his back at that time so he bucked until I wasn’t there
2. I couldn’t stay on to resolve the reaction from his back
The ‘story’ I make up about this will drive my future actions eg. write an ad for TradeMe about an ‘athletic horse that needs an experienced rider’ or continue to learn to manage his state and my ability to read him so he can find calm within himself to ensure riding is safe and enjoyable for both of us.

It’s never about the situation, that’s only an invitation to experience our responses and reactions and choose ones that serve us rather than disempower us.
***Now over to you – what ‘stories’ have you told yourself about your time with horses? Did they empower or disempower you? x